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Magnify Your MRI Performance With DuoFLEX Flexible MRI Coils

The DuoFLEX coils from MR Instruments are designed to improve image quality, provide better comfort for patients, and offer flexible, comprehensive anatomy coverage all with a single set of these 8-channel MRI coils.

MRI Shielding and RF Shield Enclosure Design Considerations

MRI systems require a comprehensive, interconnected MRI and RF shield. This post will discuss the several elements needed in your shield enclosure to optimize MRI scanner performance as well as exam room safety.

CT De-Installation and Installation Project Management

Ever wondered how to de-install or install a CT scanner? This post will go through some of the processes involved with CT project management, helping you save both time and money.

Closed MRI vs. Low Field Open MRI

Both closed MRIs and low field open MRIs offer several advantages and disadvantages. From imaging benefits to patient comfort concerns, read on to explore which system may be best for you.

The Advantages of Owning a Mobile CT Scanner

For smaller hospitals, clinics, and private imaging centers, a mobile CT scanner allows for high-quality imaging without the higher costs of a fixed system. Continue reading to explore the advantages of owning a mobile scanner.