Probo Medical Customer Reviews

We are incredibly proud of the products and services we offer, not to mention our awesome team! However, we want you to hear it from the customers that have worked with us!

Read our real responses to our customer survey when asked the question: “Would you share specifically what made your experience great? We encourage you to name the team member(s) you worked with because we like to celebrate with them!”

I’ve purchased several units from your company.  I keep coming back because I always receive the most personable service.  I have worked with Tim Maltby on every purchase and he goes above and beyond to accommodate my needs and requests.  He answers all my questions, and if he doesn’t know the answer, he finds it and responds in a timely manner.  You guys are doing a remarkable job!  Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.  Oh, and price does matter and you guys are on point!
Barb Sheriff was amazing to work with.  So kind, knowledgable, and a great teacher.
Enrico Franchini [is] so good at working across time zones and with different communication styles to achieve what we needed.
Glenn Josephik did an amazing job from start to finish, as he always does
I purchased a piece of ultrasound equipment through Glenn Josephik.  He was very knowledgeable, extremely professional and his service/ feedback was outstanding.  The shipping was fast.  I am also pleased with the warranty on this item.  If I need more equipment I will certainly contact Glenn Josephik.
Good personnel overall. Great Support, Good Products.
1.  Elizabeth Cook
2. Adrianna England
Smooth process, probe quality was excellent, salesperson was efficient.
Professional and personable
Glenn was terrific and worked hard to find me the right machine in my budget
The website was very helpful and comprehensive. Staff help was quick and informative. Special thanks to Tim Maltby for his in-depth knowledge and help with the purchase
Elizabeth Cook’s attention was excellent
Elizabeth Cook was AMAZING throughout the entire process.
Very helpful with working with me to get the deal done
The account manager replied very quickly to my call and request for help. She was knowledgeable and efficient.
This purchase was made possible by a grant that our company applied for. Joe Hicks patiently waited the 6 months it took to hear if our grant application was accepted, and then he patiently waited while most of us were quarantined at home, unable to sign PO’s. Today I received the transducers we purchased and I couldn’t be happier! I will finally be able to perform Thyroid ultrasounds, and will possibly be looking into Musculoskeletal scans.
Joe Hicks is a great partner in this part of our business. He is indispensable to me and my team.
Elizabeth Cook is an amazing rep, always gives great customer service and knows her products.
Elizabeth Cook is terrific. She is knowledgeable and quick to respond to your needs.
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