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Probo Medical Receptionist

Talk to a Human: 866-513-8322

Talk to a Person Who Can Help

An automated system can’t answer your specific question, so we have real people instead. When you call, Liz or Sarah will answer. If they’re busy assisting customers, you will be directed to an overflow service to gather your information for the right person to call you back. When you fill out a form, the right person to help will email you or call you back.


North American Headquarters

5735 Benjamin Center Dr
Tampa, FL 33634

Canadian Headquarters

1193 North Service Road W
Unit C2
Oakville, Ontario, L6M 2V8

United Kingdom Headquarters

Mount Court, Edison Close
Waterwells Business Park

French Headquarters

Probo Medical SAS
3 rue de l'hippodrome
44300 Nantes

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