C-arms For Sale

Probo Medical sells high quality refurbished C-arm systems for human and veterinary applications. Our dedicated team of engineers works diligently to ensure proper functionality and worry-free use. Call Probo Medical today and learn more about our refurbished C-arm equipment for sale.

Our Refurbishing Process

Our refurbished C-arm equipment is disassembled and re-assembled for a complete, detailed refurbishing and testing process. Circuit boards, monitors, power supplies, and other such components and verified and cleaned to ensure your system has a long life.

While the internal workings are key to having a high-performance, long-lasting C-arm, we understand that cosmetics are an important feature, too. As part of the disassembly in the testing and repair phase, all panels are removed, sanded, and painted to make the system look like new.

Consider Rental

Limited Budget or only have a short-term need for a C-arm? No Problem! We rent C-arms on a short- or long-term basis. Whether it’s Philips or OEC, we have C-arm equipment for rent. Call us today at 866-739-9349 for a free quote on the purchase or rental of a refurbished C-arm from Probo Medical.

To talk with a C-arm Specialist, call 866-944-3518


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