Breast Ultrasound Probes

Breast ultrasound is a vital application for women’s health screening. Probo Medical stocks an abundance of breast ultrasound probes. A breast ultrasound probe can scan all areas of the breast, including the area near the chest wall. This is useful because often mammography does not provide an adequate image of that area. A breast ultrasound is commonly used to detect breast cancer, which means refurbished breast ultrasound probes are in high demand around the world.

At Probo Medical, we guarantee that our used breast ultrasound probes will never fall below industry standards for brand-new equipment. Our extensive testing and repair process ensures you receive a breast ultrasound probe in perfect working order for a fraction of the price of the OEM.  Probo stocks used breast ultrasound equipment as well as many other types of used ultrasound probes from all of the leading manufacturers, including GE, Siemens, Philips, SonoSite, Biosound Esaote, SonoScape, and more.

For a quote on any of our refurbished ultrasound probes, click here or call 317-759-9210. We have a knowledgeable, friendly sales team ready to assist you with any questions you may have!

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