What Are the Best App-Based Ultrasound Probes? | Philips Lumify

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November 19, 2018
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What Are the Best App-Based Ultrasound Probes? | Philips Lumify

Philips Lumify Tele-Ultrasound

Portable just got more affordable. The arrival of “system-less” or app-based ultrasound (referred to as tele-ultrasound) probes is the latest innovation in portable ultrasound technology. There are various brands that have tele-ultrasound products, like Butterfly IQ , Clarius, or Viera. However, we believe the best app-based ultrasound solution is the Philips Lumify ultrasound probe line. Click here to learn more about app-based ultrasounds!

Used Philips Lumify C5-2 for Sale with connectorSmartphone Enabled Ultrasound

The Lumify ultrasound probes work with your smart device with the simplicity and ease that you’re used to. Just download the Philips Lumify app from the GooglePlay store onto your Android device, connect the Lumify transducer via its USB-C connector, and then start scanning! It’s as simple as that.

Philips Lumify Probes for sale with TableHighly Portable Ultrasound

Meet your patients where they are. Whether it is at the point-of-care or in an environment where you don’t have the luxury of space for a stand-alone ultrasound system, the Lumify probes are a perfect portable solution. These tele-ultrasound probes are ideal for Emergency Medical Systems, ambulatory services, internal medicine, or acute care. They also make a great tool for physicians doing mission work as they can be packed in a small bag and used wherever you are without sacrificing image quality!

3 Different Probe Options

The Philips Lumify product line currently includes:

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Superior Connectivity and Data Sharing

The Philips Lumify app allows for easy connection to patients PACS and quality image sharing. The app is also HIPAA compliant with the latest encryption and data security systems to make sure that your practice is compliant. It also features automatic application updates and ongoing support to make sure that your Lumify probes are always ready to image when you need them to.

Need a True Portable Ultrasound System?

Probo Medical is powered in partnership with MedCorp LLC, who specializes in new and refurbished ultrasound systems. They have over 500 ultrasound systems in stock, so if you’re looking for a true portable ultrasound system for a great deal, check out their portable ultrasound system offerings and get a price quote today!