Ultrasound an Invaluable Tool for Breast Cancer Screening

August 15, 2017 Current Events | News

A recent study published in the August issue of the journal Radiology¬†showed that women whose breast cancer is detected using ultrasound technology generally have good outcomes. Women whose cancers are found on breast ultrasound have a five-year overall survival rate of 100% and a recurrence-free survival rate of 98%. These numbers surprised the study authors, who say these findings secure ultrasound’s place in the world of breast cancer screening technology.

Other screening tools, including digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) and MRI, have been utilized to improve early detection of breast cancer in women whose dense breast tissue mammography does not reach. Ultrasound has also been used in this way, and it is well tolerated by patients and could be a safer option as it does not emit radiation, the authors of the study wrote (Radiology, August 2017, Vol. 284:2, pp. 354-364). There are several ultrasound probe models that are highly effective for breast cancer screening, including the Philips L12-5 and the GE 12-L.

Ultrasound technology continues to be invaluable in many fields of medicine. We look forward to hearing about more positive disease prevention outcomes using ultrasound in the future!

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