The 5 Ways Probo Medical Treats Customers Like Family

September 16, 2016 Uncategorized

How often do you come across a business that remembers who you are and what you’ve purchased? In this transaction-based business market, good, professional relationships are hard to come by. According to a survey, “76% of consumers say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them.” 

Probo Medical lives by this. We strive for relationship-based transactions and we value you, because people are important. In fact, our core values directly align with this mind-set.

  1. When you call, we answer

When you call a company, you shouldn’t be greeted by a robot. At Probo, we understand the frustration of prompts and “Press 0 for an operator.” Which is why we don’t have them. When you call, you speak to a real person, because you’re a real person. As an added plus, our Sales Manager, Matt Mooney, is also pretty fun to talk to too.

  1. We value your time

We know you have a list of several other things you need to be doing, and waiting around for an email is not one of them. Our culture at Probo Medical includes the word “Urgency” because patience is overrated. Our response time is quick and immediate. Just how it should be.

  1. We love when you stop by 

Probo has an open-door policy, and that’s for everyone inside the company and outside. We know partnerships in this industry are built on trust, which is why we are as transparent as possible. Anytime you want to stop by to check out our space, by all means, please come! We might even challenge you to a game of shuffleboard.

  1. We’ll take care of you

Our repair program exists because we understand that down-time keeps you away from your patients in need. When you need ultrasound equipment to continue doing your job, you need it fast. With our stock of over 5,000 ultrasound transducers, we can almost guarantee we’ll have what you need in a crisis. You’ll receive a complimentary probe, and we’ll repair and test your broken probe to get it back to industry standards. It really is that easy.

  1. We’ll always keep in touch

A business relationship shouldn’t end once the transaction is completed. Here at Probo, we’ll stay in touch because we believe in being proactive. When we increase our inventory with great products, we’ll let you know. When we’re having a great inventory sale, we’ll make sure you hear about that, too. Whether it’s email or a phone call, Probo will always make sure you know we’re here for you.

62% of global consumers have stopped doing business with a brand or organization due to a poor customer service experience, and that’s a number Probo refuses to be a part of. When you buy from Probo, or work with Probo, you’re not just another number. You’re family.

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