GE 4Vc-D | Matrix 4D Cardiac Probe

GE’s advanced transducer technology, like XDClear, has provided exceptional image quality to physicians for years. As physicians’ needs continue to grow, GE’s probe technology grows with them. Much like the Philips X5-1 xMATRIX Cardiac probe on the Philips Epiq 7, the GE 4Vc-D Matrix 4D Cardiac Probe on systems like the GE Vivid E95 delivers 2D, 4D, color […]

January 29, 2019 Probe Highlight Series

GE eM6C | New 4D Matrix Volume Probe for Voluson

GE’s Voluson Expert-Series women’s health ultrasound line is a time-tested favorite amongst sonographers. The newer software revisions (BT16 and up) on the GE Voluson Expert-Series systems deliver exceptional imaging quality at record speeds. However, no system is faster or clearer than the GE Voluson E10 that runs the new GE eM6C 4D Volume Probe. With […]

January 22, 2019 Probe Highlight Series
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