Probo Medical’s Mission

When you are looking to purchase a product or service, you’re looking for something that differentiates it from the others. You’re wondering if they have 24-hour turnaround time, exceptional customer service, top brands, and low prices. Fortunately, Probo Medical offers all those things. However, what truly differentiates us is our mission behind why we deliver high-quality, low-cost systems around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive down worldwide healthcare expenses by providing low-cost equipment and repair solutions. We strive to transform lives across the globe by improving universal access to affordable healthcare. That means you are not only receiving high-quality refurbished equipment at low prices, but you’re changing the world one purchase at a time.

Donation Program

We also believe that cost saved should equal lives saved, which is why we deliver high-quality medical equipment to customers and donate it to where it is desperately needed in every corner of the world. The existing supply of quality equipment donated to charitable organizations or available for low cost is failing to meet the growing demand, and we hope to help fill a desperate need in communities near and far. As an organization, we have donated 150+ probes and 70+ systems to underserved communities around the world. Therefore, you’re not only receiving high-quality equipment at an affordable price, but you’re also changing the world one purchase at a time.

People Matter

People are the focus of our business and we have grown to offer the products and services we provide because of our customer-focused approach. So, we have what you need, how you need it, and the support and product knowledge to ensure you’re happy with your purchase.

Our core values are recognized and celebrated when executed by our employees. The values are Probo, Urgency, Smiley Face, People Matter, and Relational. Read about our Relational Challenge and how we are building relationships across our companies here!

The result of our people focused approach is free repair evaluations, same-day loaners, partnerships with leaders in our industry, 100+ combined years of repair experience, and dedicated repair facilities. However, it’s all used to serve our greater mission to drive down healthcare costs.

Join us on our journey and make a difference for your customers by providing high-quality images at lower cost through purchasing your equipment from Probo Medical.

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