Probo Medical “Shoe-Per Bowl”

February 6, 2018 Current Events | Outreach

Here at Probo, we enjoy celebrations and we enjoy doing good, so we love an excuse to combine both! We had our first annual “Shoe-Per Bowl” in honor of the Super Bowl, and collected new and gently used pairs of shoes to donate to Wheeler Mission Ministries here in Indianapolis. For every pair of shoes brought in, a “square” was given out on our game board. During the Super Bowl, a winning square was called out each quarter and a grand prize winner was awarded a TV at the end. Congrats to Enrico Franchini on his big prize!

“Shoe-Per Bowl” Winner

Probo’s “Charitable Causes” committee has some other fun ideas up our sleeve for the coming months, including a blood drive/food truck day (if you’re going to have a blood truck, why not throw in a pizza truck?) and some other “doing good” Spring adventures. Make sure to check back in with the blog for updates!

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