GE L4-12t-RS Linear Ultrasound | Button Probe for Needle Guidance

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February 4, 2019
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February 14, 2019
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GE L4-12t-RS Linear Ultrasound | Button Probe for Needle Guidance

GE Healthcare is constantly gathering feedback from its users to help improve their ultrasound transducer offerings. The new RS ultrasound probes are the result of this gathered feedback. These newer transducers feature a design that helps enhance ease of use, ergonomics and patient comfort. A lightweight transducer cable helps minimizes strain – to facilitate transducer placement. In furtherance of this innovation is the GE L4-12t-RS linear ultrasound transducer for the new GE Logiq e NextGen portable ultrasound system.

Buttons on the Probe Handle

GE L4-12t-RS Button Probe

The biggest feature of this new linear probe, other than being lighter and more ergonomic is that it has buttons on the top and side of the probe handle to make using needle guides and laying PICC lines all the easier! Sonographers no longer have to break the sterile field or worry about transferring harmful germs or bacteria from a patient to their ultrasound system. With the GE L4-12t-RS button probe, they can use the linear transducer as a remote to operate their ultrasound system as needed. This reduces exam times, as well as makes scanning easier and more comfortable for the sonographer and the patient because there are fewer movements and strain from both sonographer and patient.

GE L4-12t-RS Button Probe Details

The GE L4-12t-RS Linear Probe is designed for reliability and durability. By following the recommended care and handling procedures from the OEM (GE Healthcare), you can help maximize your transducer’s performance and product life, so it can continue to improve and enhance your scanning experience.

Description: Wide-band Linear Array
Applications: Peripheral vascular, small parts, conventional and superficial musculoskeletal, nerve blocks, thoracic/pleural, ophthalmic and needle guidance
Footprint: 12.7 x 47.1 mm
Bandwidth:  4.2–13.0 MHz Imaging frequency
Available Biopsy Guides:  Multi-angle and out-of-plane; reusable bracket, disposable sleeve
Compatible Systems: GE Logiq e NextGen R7, GE Logiq P9

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