Probo Medical’s Mission

When you are looking to purchase a product or service, you’re looking for something that differentiates it from the others. You’re wondering if they have 24-hour turnaround time, exceptional customer service, top brands, and low prices. Fortunately, Probo Medical offers all those things. However, what truly differentiates us is our mission behind why we deliver […]

TechPoint Mira Awards | The Best in Indiana Tech

TechPoint Mira Awards On Saturday April 13th, members of the Probo Medical team attended the TechPoint Mira Awards Gala as nominees for “Scale-Up of the Year.” The Mira Awards gala is the largest tech awards event in Indiana and celebrates the people, products, companies, and places chosen as ‘The Best of Tech in Indiana.’ Although […]

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TEE Ultrasound Probe Care Guide

TEE Ultrasound Probe Care Guide At Probo Medical, we know that accurate diagnosis is critical for your patients and your business. Accurate diagnoses require quality ultrasound probes to capture detailed images. To help you better preserve the life of your probe and keep your business functioning, we developed the TEE Probe Care Guide. The TEE […]

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PureWave | Philips Transducer Technology

Philips’ PureWave technology is its imaging solution for difficult to scan patients. PureWave is an innovation that utilizes piezo crystals that are better than show significant improvement in electromechanical coupling and strain levels compared the previous innovations. Why does this matter to you? You can now use one ultrasound probe that covers the frequency that […]

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Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks Reducing Opioid Usage

In a world where opioid overdoses are becoming more and more common, doctors are looking for alternative methods to help patients that are experiencing acute pain. Recently, doctors have been using Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Block to ease the pain that is typically controlled by opioids. It has been found that relieving patients’ pain using ultrasound can […]

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What is the Best & Cheapest Portable Ultrasound System? A Review of the GE VScan Extended with Dual Probe

When it comes to making critical ultrasound decisions at the point of care, you need the best portable ultrasound system which is the GE VScan Extend with the Dual Probe. It is no bigger than the size of your smartphone and designed for Emergency Medical Services (EMS), ambulatory services, and intensive care units. Also, the […]

November 12, 2018 Uncategorized
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