Aplio 500, 400 and 300 Ultrasound Transducer Guide

Do you need to find the correct probes for your Toshiba Aplio 500, 400 or 300 ultrasound system? Scroll down to view our transducer guide, where you can see the compatible probes to use with your imaging system to deliver the clinical services you want.

About Toshiba Aplio Ultrasounds

Toshiba Aplio 500, Aplio 400 and Aplio 300  ultrasounds are known for delivering high-quality imaging while making workflows more efficient. The systems offer several advanced features, including:A grey and black Toshiba Aplio 400 ultrasound machine

  • ApliPure+A grey and black Toshiba Aplio 300 ultrasound machine
  • Advanced Dynamic Flow
  • Luminance – Toshiba’s 3D/4D Imaging Suite

If you wish to purchase a refurbished Aplio ultrasound, please browse the models for sale from our partner companies:

How to Purchase Aplio 300, 400, and 500 Ultrasound Probes

Use the guide below to find compatible transducers for your Toshiba Aplio ultrasound based on probe name, frequency range, application, and other details.  When you find the probes you need, please contact us online or call 317-204-3012 to speak with a Probo Medical sales representative who’ll help you place your order.

If you need another transducer for a different system, check out our other transducer guides.

Aplio 500, Aplio 400, Aplio 300 Transducer Guide

 Probe NameFrequencyFrequency RangeFOVApplicationBiopsy Adapter
PST-25BT2.5 MHz4.2-1.8 MHz90°Heart680-106 (TG-2)
PST-30BT3.0 MHz4.8-2.0 MHz90°Heart680-106 (TG2)
PST-50BT5.0 MHz6.0-3.0 MHz90°Pediatric Heart
PST-65AT6.5 MHz8.5-4.2 MHz90°Pediatric Heart, neonatal head
PVT-375BT3.5 MHz6.0-1.9 MHz70°Abdomen680-105 (TG-1)
PVT-375SC3.5 MHz6.0-1.9 MHz70°Abdomen680-105 (TG-1)
PVT-382BT3.5 MHz5.0-1.8 MHz80°AbdomenUAGV-027A, 680-110
PVT-674BT6.0 MHz9.2-3.6 MHz65°AbdomenUAGV-028A
PVT-712BT7.0 MHz10.2-4.2 MHz100°Neonatal head, Pediatric680-127 (TG-7)
PLT-604AT6.0 MHz9.2-4.0 MHz38 mmPeripheral Vascular680-107 (TG-3)
PLT-704AT7.5 MHz11.0-5.0 MHz38 mmPeripheral Vascular680-107 (TG-3)
PLT-704SBT7.5 MHz11.0-4.8 MHz38 mmPeripheral Vascular, small parts680-107 (TG-3)
PLT-705BT7.0 MHz11.0-4.8 MHz45 mmVascular680-129 (TG-8)
PLT-805AT8.0 MHz12.0-6.2 MHz58 mmSmall parts680-109 (TG-6)
PLT-1005BT10 MHz12.0-7.0 MHz58 mmSmall parts680-109 (TG-6)
PLT-1202S12.0 MHz14.0-7.0 MHz25 mmIntra-operative, MSK
PLT-1204BT12.0 MHz14.0-7.2 MHz38 mmPeripheral vascular, small parts680-102 (TG-4)
PLT-1204BX12.0 MHz14.0-7.2 MHz38 mmPeripheral vascular, small parts680-102 (TG-4)
PVT-781VT7.0 MHz9.0-4.0 MHz180°Endovaginal, endorectalUAGV-035A, 680-121
PVT-781VTE7.0 MHz9.0-4.0 MHz180°Endovaginal, endorectalUAGV-035A, 680-121
PVL-715RST7.5 MHz10.0-5.0 MHz170°Endorectal
PVT-770RT7.0 MHz10.0-5.0 MHz170°EndorectalUAGV -023A
PLT-308P3.75 MHz5.7-3.1 MHz85 mmAbdomenUAGL004A
PVT-350BTP3.5 MHz6.0-1.9 MHz70°AbdomenUAGV030A
PVT-745BTV7.0 MHz11.0-4.0 MHz40°Abdomen, small partsUAGV-029A
PVT-745BTF7.0 MHz11.0-4.0 MHz40°Abdomen
PVT-745BTH7.0 MHz11.0-4.0 MHz40°AbdomenUAGV-034A
PLT-705BTH7.0 MHz11.0-4.0 MHz46 mmAbdomenUAGV020A
PLT-705BTF7.0 MHz11.0-4.0 MHz46 mmAbdomenUAGV020A
PET-805LA8.0 MHz11.2-4.0 MHz45 mm
PET-508MA5.0 MHz6.5-3.0 MHz90°Peripheral, heart
PET-512MA5.0 MHz7.5-2.5 MHz90°Heart
PET-511BTM5.0 MHz7.5-2.5 MHz90°Heart
PET-512MC5.0 MHz7.5-2.5 MHz90°Heart
PVT-375MV3.5 MHz6.0-1.9 MHz73°AbdomenUAGV-033A
PVT-382MV3.5 MHz5.5-1.8 MHz82°AbdomenUAGV-032A
PVT-675MV6.0 MHz7.2-2.8 MHz73°Abdomen
PVT-675MVL6.0 MHz7.2-2.8 MHz66°Abdomen
PVT-681MV6.0 MHz8.8-4.7 MHz160°Endovaginal, EndorectalUAGV-031A
PVT-681MVL6.0 MHz9.0-4.0 MHz180°Endovaginal, Endorectal680-131
PLT-1204MV12.0 MHz14.0-7.2 MHz38 mmPeripheral vascular, small partsUAGL-015A
PC-20M2.0 MHzHeart CW only
PC-50M5.0 MHzHeart, Peripheral vascular Pediatric, CW only

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